Prayers: Interrupting prayer

Q481 :In what situation is it permissible to abandon or interrupt prayer?

A481 : In normal circumstances, there is no situation which allows a worshipper to cut short his prayer or abandon it before he finishes it. Even if one finds himself facing a snake or a wild animal while praying, he should not abandon his prayer. He may kill the snake or hide from the animal, but he may and should continue with his prayers. If a mother, for example, sees her young child about to fall or harm himself or cause some harm to the house, or cause trouble, she may move to prevent him from doing what mischief he intends to do or to protect him from an unwelcome accident. She may do all this, however, while continuing praying. If one is alone in the place where he is offering his prayer and someone knocks at the door, he may raise his voice to make that person aware of his presence, or he may walk to the door to open it without turning away from the qiblah, but he may not cut his prayer short.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )