Prayers: Greeting the mosque

Q480 :It is said that when the imam delivers his sermon on Friday, all activity must come to a halt. What about a late comer offering two rak'ahs by way of greeting the mosque?

A480 : Scholars take different views on this particular question with one school of thought making a strict rule that once the sermon, or khutbah, has started, then it is not permissible to offer any prayer by any person. What is agreed to by all schools of thought is that once the sermon has started, no one who is already in the mosque may stand up to offer voluntary prayers. As for a late comer, he may offer his two rak'ahs in greeting the mosque immediately after he enters, and before he sits down. Once the Prophet was delivering the sermon when one of his companions entered and was about to sit down. The Prophet instructed him to offer two rak'ahs. As you realize, this prayer, i.e. greeting the mosque is voluntary. Therefore, if a person does not do it, he commits no sin. If he does it, he is rewarded.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )