Prayers: Delayed [Qaz'a]

Q477 :Due to very heavy work load, I miss my prayers during the day and offer all my prayers in the evening. I call athan and iqamah for each prayer. Please comment.

A477 : Allah describes prayer in the Qur'an as a "time-related duty" which He has made obligatory to the believers. Since it is time-related, it must be offered at the appropriate time appointed for each prayer. I am afraid that a heavy workload does not provide an exemption from offering prayers on time, unless one works for an establishment which actually prevents him from offering prayers. In that case, you should try and find a job somewhere else. On the other hand, if leaving the work in hand in order to offer prayer will result in some damage to the work produced or cause harm to the company because of delayed work, it may be pardonable to delay prayer until one has an opportunity to offer it. [Added: Certain security jobs or some jobs requiring continuous attention to safety of a plant operation may cause delay in prayers, but] This should not be[allowed to become] a daily occurrence. One should always try to offer prayers on time. In cases of emergency, one may pray Dhuhr and Asr together, and Maghrib and Isha together. Again this should not become a habit. When one offers such prayers together, one calls one athan for all of them and says an iqamah for each prayer.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )