Prayers: Delayed and the acceptable reasons for delay

Q476 :If one discovers on waking up that he has had a wet dream, but time is too short to allow taking a shower before sunrise, what should he do?

A476 : In such a case, when one wakes up a few minutes before sunrise, he should proceed immediately to get ready for prayers. In the case of having a wet dream or being in the state of ceremonial impurity, he should proceed to remove it by taking a shower. If he must heat the water because it is too cold and he fears for himself, he should proceed to do that. The important thing is not to waste time in any activity other than getting ready for prayer. Needless to say, if he needs to relieve himself, he should do so. If he busies himself only with getting ready for prayer, it is hoped that Allah would accept his prayer as having been offered on time, although it may take him until the sun has risen before he is fully ready. The point is that the delay was caused by oversleeping and oversleeping is one of two reasons which allow a prayer to be offered after its time-range has lapsed. The other situation is to have forgotten that particular prayer completely.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )