Athan: Can wordings be changed?

Q47 :Is it permissible to leave out the words that mean "prayers are better than sleeping" in the call to Fajr prayer? Are there any Hadiths in connection with this? Who inserted these phrases in the call to prayer?

A47 : A famous report suggests that when Bilal was taught the wording of the athan on the instructions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), he inserted the phrase, "Assalah khairun min annawm" when he said the athan for the Fajr prayer. The Prophet approved his action. If this report is true, then the inserted words were sanctioned by the Prophet and have become a Sunnah to be included in the call to Fajr prayer. An authentic Hadith is reported by Abu Muhthurah, a companion of the Prophet who was a late comer to Islam. He mentions that the Prophet taught him the words of the athan and told him to go and make the call to prayer in Makkah. That was after the Battle of Hunain which followed the conquest of Makkah. He mentions that the Prophet instructed him to say this phrase in the first call to Fajr prayer. This Hadith is related by An-Nassaie and Abu Dawood. There is no doubt, then, that the Prophet had sanctioned the inclusion of this phrase in the athan of Fajr prayer and, as such, this phrase is part of the athan. Indeed, Abu Mahthurah used to call the athan in the presence of the Prophet. He used to say this phrase twice in the first call to Fajr prayer. Leaving this phrase out deliberately in the Fajr prayer means that one declines to follow the Sunnah. That is not the attitude of a good Muslim. [Please read also: Prayers advanced on a rainy day.]

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )