Prayers: Changing places after a congregational prayer

Q469 :Why do people change their places after a congregational prayer is over in a mosque in order to offer voluntary prayers? I personally prefer to stay in the same place. Is it acceptable?

A469 : It is perfectly appropriate if you offer your voluntary prayer in the same place where you offered your obligatory one with the congregation in the mosque. Indeed, there is no restriction on the places where you can offer your prayers, since the Prophet has told us that the whole earth is considered a place for prayers for the nation of Islam. However, it is more convenient to change places in order to leave a free passage for those who have finished and want to go out. If all people in the congregation were to offer their voluntary prayers in the position where they offered the obligatory one, there will remain no gap for anyone who has already finished and wants to leave, or for those who wish to go out immediately, either because they have some work or because they wish to attend voluntary prayers at home, as recommended by the Prophet. Some people, however, do not change places and they are at no fault.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )