Practices common to other religions

Q463 :Male circumcision was introduced long ago by Jews. Did the Jews also start the pilgrimage and fasting?

A463 : We cannot say of any religious practices that it was started by the Jews or some other religions. All Divine faiths were revealed by Allah. They have the same message to all mankind. The basic beliefs are the same. Islam is only the final, complete and preserved version of this faith. There are bound to be similarities between it and earlier religions preached by earlier prophets. The history of the children of Israel dates back much further than the revelation of the Torah to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him). As you are aware, they are called the Children of Israel after Prophet Jacob who is the grandson of Prophet Abraham whom Allah ordered to have himself circumcised. Prophet Abraham was the first to make the pilgrimage long before the Jewish religion came into existence. When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us the rituals of pilgrimage, it is believed by many scholars that he put those practices back to their original form, as they were done by Prophet Abraham. This speaks much for the unity of Divine faith. Christianity and Judaism have their prayers which are different from ours. We cannot say that the Jews started prayer. It was a requirement of them imposed by Allah in the same way as Muslims are required to offer five prayers everyday.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )