Pork: Prohibition of

Q461 :Could you please explain why eating pork is forbidden. There are so many opinions, but can you provide a final answer? May I also ask whether breeding pigs is forbidden?

A461 : Allah describes the Prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an as one who "makes lawful for them (i.e.his followers) all things that are good and forbids them all that is evil." Therefore, anything which is clearly forbidden in Islam must be evil. Otherwise, it would not have been forbidden to us. This is a general statement which applies universally. It is sufficient for us to know that pork is clearly forbidden to conclude that it is evil. When we examine religious teachings we find that certain prohibitions are clearly related to their causes. We are told that this particular thing is forbidden because it results in so and so. In such cases, when we are certain that the effect no longer applies, then the prohibition is relaxed. In other cases, there is no cause stated for the prohibition. This means that the prohibition will continue for all time. In the case of pork, no cause has been specified. Therefore, pork will remain evil and forbidden for all time to come. It is perfectly in order for Muslims to try to determine the cause of prohibition of any matter. When they come out with an answer, they must not make their conclusion final, in the sense that they will say that the prohibition is only linked to this particular aspect. If they do, they run the risk of superimposing their conclusion on Allah's legislation. This is not allowed to anyone. In the case of pork, people have suggested a variety of causes for its prohibition. Any one or all of these reasons may be relevant and correct. However, we cannot say that only for these reasons pork has been forbidden. Let me say that pork is forbidden because it is evil and will remain so for all time. According to Islam it is forbidden to produce or sell or breed what is of no benefit. What is forbidden is without benefit whatsoever. It is forbidden to sell or breed or produce intoxicants. The same prohibition applies to pigs and pork. [Added:When you fall sick, you go to a specialist who prescribes certain medicines and tells you to eat some special diet and that you should refrain from eating certain food. You do not argue or probe or even for a moment doubt the judgement of that specialist. It is surprising that a prohibition by Allah should become a matter for discussion.]

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )