Polygamy: Rectifying its abuse is a duty of the individual

Q455 :When the legislation of polygamy was approved, it sought to curtail that practice in Arabia, but Muslims these days have come to abuse this facility, sticking to its letter and ignoring the spirit. Could you please explain what the Islamic authorities should do to guide people back to the proper observance of this facility?

A455 : Many of us tend to think always of what the government or the authorities should do in order to rectify a faulty practice. In a case like this, where a man marries more than one wife, the onus is on that person to abide by Islamic legislation and implement what Allah requires of him in [deciding to have more than one wife and] his treatment of his wives. No human authority, local or national, can ensure that the proper Islamic standards are maintained in every home and by every person. Islam relies in its implementation mainly on the individual and his conscience. It tries to cultivate a keen sense of duty, motivated by a real feeling that Allah watches us all the time, and that He is aware of our actions and the intentions behind them.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )