Plucking of hair of eyebrows

Q451 :I heard from a friend that plucking of hair of eyebrows or facial hair is not allowed in Islam. May I ask whether it is prohibited or discouraged?

A451 : Thinning eyebrows or changing their shape is forbidden in Islam. The Prophet has cursed the woman who does it to other women and the one who requests such an action. The prohibition is emphasized if such an action is the practice of women who indulge in indecent conduct. However, plucking of facial hair by a woman is permissible, particularly if the hair so plucked is considered unsightly. It may be useful to point out another unacceptable practice which relates to a woman's appearance. This is the elongation of hair by using somebody else's hair or artificial hair. Again, the Prophet curses the woman who does it and the one who requests it. This includes the usage of a wig to change one's appearance.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )