Athan & law

Q45 :In some non-Muslim countries, the use of loudspeakers is prohibited by law. How can Muslims in these countries make their call for prayer?

A45 : Muslims in these countries should abide by the law of their country. Islam does not encourage civil strife or conflict with authorities. Moreover, there is no requirement in Islam that requires the call to prayer to be through loudspeakers. At the time of the Prophet, the call to prayer was made by Bilal or other companions of the Prophet who used to climb on the roof-top of the mosque and make the call to prayer by word of mouth. They did not employ any device which was likely to make their voice heard over a longer distance. The use of loudspeakers in Muslim countries was introduced only recently, when cities became densely populated and a call to prayer was heard only in the immediate vicinity of the mosque. However, if there are certain factors which prevent the use of a loudspeaker, it should not be used. No one will be accountable to Allah for not using a loudspeaker to make the call to prayer. If the call to prayer is made in the mosque, it is well and good. It is perfectly in order, however, that the Muslim community in a particular country or city should approach the authorities for a permission to use loudspeakers in mosques to make their call to prayer. If their request receives a good response, and permission is granted to them they may go ahead and use loudspeakers. If not, they can continue to call for prayer without this additional device.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )