Pilgrimage: With company loan outstanding

Q444 :Pilgrimage: With company loan outstanding

A444 : If the Company gives loans for buying a car, it suggests that they they are pleased with your work and intend to retain you for a long time to come. That will make it easy for you to settle the loan by monthly instalments. Moreover, if something should happen to you, the company may take the car and sell it in order to get back the amount it had loaned. The company must consider that the car represents more than sufficient collateral to ensure the payment of their loan. It is perhaps worthwhile to explain an important point about pilgrimage and debt. When a person has incurred a debt, and he needs some time before being able to settle it, he does not fulfil the conditions which make him "able" to do the pilgrimage. In other words, he is not required to do it, since pilgrimage is a duty incumbent on those who are able to undertake the journey. I have already explained that by ability, most scholars mean health and financial ability, as well as the absence of any physical hindrance to prevent from taking the journey. The condition of financial ability is not met by anyone who has a loan to pay. Therefore, he is not required to fulfil the duty of pilgrimage until he has repaid the loan.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )