Pilgrimage: Throwing stones at Jamrah in wrong order

Q442 :Pilgrimage: Throwing stones at Jamrah in wrong order

A442 : You should begin stoning with the First Jamrah, or the "small" one, as it is commonly called. When you have completed this stoning, you move on to the second, or the Middle Jamrah. You finish with the third or the "Grand" Jamrah, which is also known as the Jamrah of Aqabah. This is the proper order for stoning on the second, third and fourth days. On the first day, you do the stoning only at the third or Grand Jamrah. If, however, you do the stoning in the wrong order, beginning with the third and moving on to the middle one before finishing the Third Jamrah, only the last one is correct. The other two are invalid. You have to go back to them and do the stoning in the right order, as long as this happens before sunset on the 13th Zul Hijjah. If one has done the stoning in the wrong order on all the three days, then he has to compensate for this because his stoning remains incomplete. If he has done it on one day only, then the compensation may be in the form of a sadaqah, or a charitable offering.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )