Pilgrimage: Tamattu' method

Q441 :My wife and I intend to do the pilgrimage, but she is too weak and cannot walk for a long distance. We are, Allah willing, going to do the pilgrimage in the tamattu' method. So we want to offer the Umrah now and travel to Mina direct for pilgrimage. Is this permissible?

A441 : The tamattu' method is the one preferred by the Prophet for all Muslims. It involves doing the Umrah and pilgrimage separately, starting with Umrah which includes ihraam, tawaf, sa'ie and shortening one's hair or shaving one's head. One releases oneself from ihraam immediately afterwards and then re-enters ihraam on eighth of Thul Hajjah for pilgrimage. As such, the rituals of each major duty are done separately. Therefore, you have to do a sa'ie for Umrah and another for pilgrimage. This, however, should not cause your wife any great trouble with the facilities available in the Haram. If she cannot do the sa'ie herself, especially after the tawaf of Ifadah, when the place is over-crowded, she could use a wheelchair. You should either push the wheelchair yourself in the passage especially provided for the purpose or ask someone to push it for you. You could also use the second floor which is less crowded. You could do the tawaf on the second floor. The distance there is much longer, but you can again use a wheelchair. The time needed for this tawaf will not be much longer than if you do it at the ground level, because of the over-crowding there. She can start by walking whatever distance she can manage herself and use a wheelchair when she is tired. In her condition, she obviously cannot do the stoning herself. It is better if she asks you to do it on her behalf. When you have finished stoning at each jamrah for yourself, you do it again on behalf of your wife. This way you reduce the physical effort which may be troublesome to your wife. I pray that both of you will be able to do the pilgrimage in comfort. May I just remind you that doing the pilgrimage in the tamattu' method requires each of you to sacrifice a sheep in gratitude to Allah. You may partake of the meat of your sacrifice.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )