Pilgrimage: Sacrifice through bank

Q438 :Is it permissible to have the sacrifice required for pilgrimage through the bank as this facility has been offered over the last few years? It is said that release from ihraam cannot be done until the sacrifice has been offered. How would a pilgrim know that the sacrifice has actually been made for him when he assigns the task to the bank or special committee formed for this purpose?

A438 : The service that is being offered through the bank these days is to buy a voucher at any time before the day of sacrifice from any of the branches of the bank operating this service. The voucher entitles you to receive a sheep on the actual day of sacrifice, if you go to the slaughter house and present it. Alternatively, you may assign the task of the slaughter to the bank committee operating this service by surrendering this voucher. You indicate whether it is a sacrifice of gratitude or compensation for an omission or a voluntary sacrifice. The committee undertakes to do the sacrifice within the four days of the Eid, the time allowed for this task. It makes sure to distribute the meat to the poor in the Haram area, until they are totally satisfied. What remains of the sacrifice meat, which is plentiful, is sent by plane or any other fast means of transport to poor Muslim countries. By so doing, the committee ensures that no meat is wasted, as used to be the case earlier. This is perfectly acceptable. Moreover, it ensures that the benefit of this religious task reaches those who deserve it most. It does become an act of mutual solidarity. As far as the personal duty is concerned, you are deemed to have fulfilled what is required of you on time, once you have assigned the voucher to the bank committee. You need not worry about the actual time of sacrificing the sheep which has been purchased on your behalf. It is not true that you cannot release yourself from the state of consecration until you have offered the sacrifice. Indeed, the sacrifice has nothing to do with this release. The release is made on the 10th of Thul-Hajjah, after you have done any two of the three duties which are required of you on that day, namely, the stoning, you may proceed to shave your head or shorten your hair and follow that with the first release from the state of consecration. This allows you to do almost everything that was restricted. The complete release from the state of consecration is achieved when you have done your tawaf of Ifaadah.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )