Pilgrimage: Alongwith a child

Q426 :If a child offers the pilgrimage, should his parent who has taken him to pilgrimate offer a sacrifice on his behalf in the same way as adults do, should he peform all the rituals of pilgrimage.

A426 : When a child is taken to pilgrimage, the pilgrimage should be complete. Every duty required in pilgrimage should be complete.Every duty required in pilgrimage should be performed either by the child himself or by his parent accompanying him.\If the child is too young to walk, the tawaf counts as that of child and the father should do his own tawaf later. A reward of the pilgrimage is credited to the child and an additional reward credited to the parent. If the pilgrimage is done in the tamattu' or qiran method, then a sacrifice on behalf of the child is due in the same way as it is due to the parent himself.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )