Aqeeqah: the purpose of

Q42 :When my son was seven days old, I gave him the name of Ar-Rafi' and did the "aqeeqah" on his behalf. Recently, I was told by a friend that this name was one of attributes to Allah, and I should change it. I did that, but a scholar in our community told me that I should do another 'aqeeqah' for the other name. Is this true?

A42 : Let me say first that Er-Rafi' is an attribute of Allah, but it is not one of those which may be used only with Allah. If you had retained your son's name, that would have been appropriate. Now that you have changed it, your action itself is permissible. The opinion of the scholar who told you that you need to have a fresh aqeeqah for your son is perhaps mistaken. Aqeeqah is the slaughtering of one or two sheep to organize a party to which neighbours and relatives are invited so that they join in the celebration of the new arrival and share in the joy of the family Allah has blessed with a son or daughter. Therefore, the aqeeqah is offered for the child, not for the name. No fresh aqeeqah is recommended in your case.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )