Orthodontic treatment

Q418 :May I ask whether Muslims are permitted to have orthodontic treatment, whereby teeth are pulled together to close gaps between them? Does this come under the same heading as changing what Allah has created?

A418 : There is an authentic Hadith in which the Prophet has cursed women who try to give themselves a prettier appearance by widening the gaps between their teeth, thereby changing what Allah has created. Those women to whom the Prophet refers used to take off a part of their teeth with a file or some other tool in order to make their teeth look smaller and leave gaps between them. In certain societies, this is considered a mark of beauty. The Prophet has made it clear that these women deserve to be cursed because they go to such trouble in order to look beautiful, thereby attracting people's admiration. This is an attitude which Islam rejects. On the other hand, orthodontic treatment seeks to correct irregularities in teeth and jaws. Some people may have irregularities in various parts of their bodies. If such an irregularity gives a person physical or mental discomfort or pain, then to rectify it is perfectly appropriate provided that such correction does not involve greater pain. If the intention is to remove a cause of physical or mental pain, or to give more self confidence to the person, or to remove what is unsightly, then it is appropriate.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )