Obligations: Towards parents

Q415 :Now that I am married, do I have any financial obligation towards my parents, when they have to pay debts to others?

A415 : Your attitude of helping parents settle their debts is highly commendable. Indeed, it is the attitude to be expected from every dutiful son. You cannot abandon your father and your mother to face creditors when you have money to help them. Since that help went through your savings, you had no zakah to pay. Your wife is wrong to object to your helping your parents. You should not hesitate to continue to help them until their debts are settled. When you do so, you are not merely being dutiful, you are investing for your own and your children's future. If your wife objects, tell her that you would like to be sure that if in your old age you need your children's help, you will find it readily available. If you do not help your parents, how can you be sure that your children will help you when you grow old? Not only this, but when you help your parents, your children will be sure to find a helping hand should they need it when you have died. It may be true that your parents got into debts as a result of your brother's fault. The fact remains that they are facing creditors and they have to pay these debts. If you are able to help, you must do so. It is greatly important that you should continue to help your parents. Let me remind you of the Hadith which mentions that the Prophet did not offer the prayer for the deceased i.e. janazah, when the body of a dead man was brought into the mosque for prayer, because the Prophet learned that the man left unsettled debts. When one of his companions volunteered to settle those debts, the Prophet offered that prayer for the deceased man. That shows how greatly important the payment of debt is, even after death. You cannot stand watching your parents if they are encumbered with these debts. Your help should always be forthcoming.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )