Neckties in prayer

Q407 :Some of my friends maintain that it is forbidden to wear a necktie, particularly in prayer. Is it true?

A407 : No, that is not true. I know that this sort of thing is frequently said, and that some people suggest that the original idea of wearing a necktie was that it should be in the form of a cross, and, as such, it becomes a symbol for Christians. I am very doubtful of what is said about the origins of necktie. However, the wearing of a symbol of a religion other than Islam is not permissible. Therefore, if we know for certain that the necktie is a symbol of Christianity and that it is meant as a cross, then we should not wear it. The fact is that today no one, whether a Christian or a follower of other religion, thinks of a cross when he wears his necktie. It is not only that the shape is not that of a cross, but the linkage does not occur to anyone. Hence, we can discount this suggestion without any hesitation. Large areas of Muslim world today have adopted the Western style of dress, which include a suit, a shirt and a tie. In these areas, no one thinks of this type of men's-wear as an imitation of non-believers. Hence, it is permissible to wear it. Similarly, it is permissible to wear it in prayer.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )