Necklace with Arabic writing

Q406 :I have just come back from Malaysia where some ladies informed me on seeing my necklace which bears my name in Arabic, that they were told not to wear theirs because Arabic is the language of the Qur'an. Wearing such a necklace with Arabic writing and then going about to attend a normal routine counts as an insult to Islam. I promised to write to you for advice and communicate your answer to them.

A406 : Arabic writing and Arabic characters are the same as those of any other language. The fact that Allah has chosen to reveal His messages to mankind in Arabic does not impart any sanctity to the language itself or the way it is written. You may be aware that there have been over the centuries some people who advocated beliefs and ideologies which are totally un-Islamic. There have been and still are people who call for discarding Islam altogether from the life of the Arabs. They express all this in Arabic and they have published books in Arabic which violates every aspect of the Islamic faith. If the Arabic language had the sanctity some people suggest, Allah would have made it impossible for those people to express their blasphemous views in this language. While the idea that Arabic writing is sacred continues to be held by well meaning people, it is unfortunate that some of us tend to give too much importance to forms and appearances, while forgetting about substance. From another point of view, an action is considered to be an insult if it is meant to belittle or degrade the person or the idea to which it is addressed. When a lady wears a necklace bearing her name she is simply wearing a piece of jewelry which has a shape she likes. The thought of insulting anyone or anything does not even occur to her. Hence, it is perfectly permissible for a woman to wear such a necklace and go about her business in the normal way. However, if the inscription on the necklace includes Allah's name, then the lady should not wear that necklace when she goes to the bathroom. She either takes it off, or, if she cannot, she keeps it under her clothes.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )