NASA - the United States Space Agency

Q403 :The United States Space Agency, NASA, speaks of extra-terrestrial life which may be encountered away from our universe. Is this true? What does Islam say about life in outer space?

A403 : What space programs are speaking about at the present stage is exploration of the solar system which is a small part of our galaxy. As you realize, the earth is only one planet in our solar system which has a number of planets such as Venus, Mars and Saturn. Some of these plants have moons of their own, in the same way as the earth has its moon. Distance between these planets extends to millions of miles. Nevertheless, the whole solar system is only a small portion of the galaxy. The universe includes millions and millions of galaxies, each one of them having millions of suns and solar systems. When we imagine such a vast existence, we can speak of outer space. But outer space is part of the one universe which includes all these galaxies. When you imagine such an almost endless universe, you can easily conclude that it is possible to have life in other parts of it. Indeed, it is only a manifestation of the greatness of Allah and His power of creation that life be present in other planets and solar systems in a variety of forms. Allah has not chosen to tell us about these forms of life because such knowledge would not benefit us in the fulfillment of the task He has assigned to us, namely, to build human life on earth. Moreover, it may be very difficult for us to imagine the existence of other types of life, since we do not have a chance to know them at a close distance.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )