Mosques: Using different mosques for different prayers

Q394 :Sometime ago, a friend told me that it is recommended to use different mosques for different prayers, if that is manageable. More recently, another friend told me that there is no such recommendation. Please explain.

A394 : Using different mosques in your locality makes it easier for you to know the people in your area and to widen your acquaintances. This is something desirable, because it promotes closer links within the community. If you would remember when the Prophet used to offer Eid prayers in the open air, just before the buildings of the city, he used to take one route for going to the prayer area and a different route on the way back. This he did in order to greet more people and to wish them a happy Eid. Having said that, I should add that there is no specific recommendation which tells us to use different mosques for different prayers. All that one can say is that it is certainly better to frequent several mosques while one remains best known in the mosque which is closest to his residence. This combines both advantages of using one mosque and frequenting all the mosques in one's locality.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )