Mosques: Preference of one over the other

Q393 :A group of us were going in a car to a certain mosque. One of us asked to be dropped to another mosque on the way. Another objected and said that we are not allowed to proceed from one mosque to another. We should all go to the same mosque. The correct status?

A393 : If the obligatory prayer is not yet due, but is quite soon, you may drop your friend at the mosque of his choice and proceed to the other mosque if you so prefer. There may be very good reasons for each of you preferring to pray in different mosques, such as each of you choosing the one nearest to his home or place of work. If there is ample time for you to reach from one to the other, then that is perfectly all right. If the prayer is already called and the congregation in the nearest mosque is just about to start, then it is strongly discouraged to move on to another mosque. That gives the appearance of rejection of a certain congregation, which a Muslim must never do. If there is a good reason for doing so, such as having no parking place near the first mosque, while it is easily available at the other and you are quite sure that you can catch up with the congregation in the more distant mosque, then you may proceed.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )