Message [of Islam]: Conveying and convincing others

Q386 :I recently sent a letter to a radio station, but it turned out to be a Christian preaching station. The person who answered my letter spoke about the enlightened vision of Jesus Christ and suggested that those who do not follow that vision are in total darkness. Could you let me know how to convince him of Islam and to tell him that what he is doing is wrong?

A386 : The first thing to remember about this question is that we, as Muslims, are not required to convince anyone of the truth of Islam. Allah will not ask anyone of us: How many people have you convinced or how many have become Muslims as a result of your efforts? Indeed, He has told His messenger: "You certainly cannot guide whomever you please; It is Allah who guides whom He will. He best knows those who accept guidance." (28:56) What Allah will question us about is whether we have fulfilled the task He has assigned to His messenger and to all Muslims: Namely, conveying the message of Islam to mankind. That is our task: To explain Islam to people and to tell them that Allah requires them to believe in it. If they accept it, they reap the fruits of being rightly guided. If they reject it, we have fulfilled our task. I hope that I have made the distinction clear between doing our part which is within our power, and the results that our efforts produce. I appreciate your keenness to have this broadcaster see the light of Islam. To do so, you only have to supply him with the relevant information. You may send him a letter or reply, or send him some books relevant to the topic you raised with him, or relevant to his essential beliefs and the basic beliefs of Islam. If you do so, you have done a good service to your faith. Whether he will be convinced is a totally different matter. You should not be hesitant to send him whatever information is available to you about Islam. Followers of other religions do the same. I continue to receive letters from Christian missionaries and followers of religions. They either reply to some points they have read in Arab News or speak about their faiths or invite me to follow their own religion. Muslims should not hesitate to present their faith to other people. By doing so, they actually do them a great service, because they explain to them the faith which Allah accepts from human beings.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )