Menstruation period: Delaying of

Q382 :Some women use some medicines to delay their periods during Ramadhan and pilgrimage. Some people object to it arguing that this amounts to interference with Allah's creation. As a result, many women feel guilty at having done this. Please comment.

A382 : Some women feel deprived of the benefits of pilgrimage if they have to miss their prayers during pilgrimage days as a result of having their periods. Although their feeling is understandable, it is unnecessary. Allah has created women in this fashion. He has exempted them from prayer when they have their period. There is no reason, however, to prevent them from fulfilling the rites of pilgrimage while having their period, adding the sort of glorification and expression of submission to him, which pilgrims repeat often. There is nothing to prevent women in their periods from doing that. However, if a woman resorts to some medication to delay her period in order to be able to complete the rites of pilgrimage on time, or to fast the whole month of Ramadhan, she violates no Islamic rule or principle. She does not have any extra reward for fasting the whole month of Ramadhan, because a woman who does not fast during her period, compensates by fasting a similar number of days later on and receives the same reward. Yet a woman may prefer to fast in Ramadhan for a variety of reasons. If she uses some tablets, which are normally contraceptive to delay her period, she does no wrong. To suggest that she is interfering with Allah's creation is very naive. It is part of Allah's creation that certain substances, when taken in a particular measure or quantity, cause a delay in woman's period. Therefore, when a woman resorts to such an action, she is only manipulating Allah's creation for a legitimate end. The fact that the tablets used in this case are ordinary contraceptive pills does not alter the situation. People who suggest that such an action constitutes interference with Allah's creation should reflect a little further. What do they say to husbandry which causes a particular tree to yield different fruits? It is needless to say that husbandry is perfectly legitimate although it seeks to change the taste of fruit or crops yielded. It is simply making use of Allah's laws of nature for a desirable end.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )