Men's dress: Islamic dress code for men

Q381 :Is there any type of clothes or dress that we can describe as Islamic in as far as men are concerned? Is there any harm if a Muslim wears a shirt, tie and a pair of trousers?

A381 : All Muslim scholars agree that a Muslim man must always cover the part of his body which is described as "awrah". This term denotes "what is unbecoming, shameful or indecent to reveal." A substantial body of Muslim scholars are of the view that a man's awrah extends from the waistline down to the knees, with the knees not included. However, other scholars are of the view that a man's awrah is limited to his genitals and back passage. This is perhaps the more accurate view, supported by the stronger evidence. Any type of dress which covers the awrah proper and is not seen as something that could lead to indecent behavior and is not an imitation of clothing that is distinctive of non-believers is permissible to wear. Thus there is no harm in wearing the clothes you have described. Some rigid people claim at times that wearing a shirt and tie imitates non-believers. This is not true because such clothes are the normal dress for large communities in the Muslim world. Muslims must also guard against wearing anything that is considered a mark of pride or arrogance. Whatever conveys an air of arrogance is forbidden to wear.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )