Marriage: With stepmother's relatives

Q372 :Is it permissible for a Muslim to marry the sister of his father's second wife? Needless to say, the man is the son of his father's first wife. May I add that people in our area have spoken much about this proposed marriage with some of them opposing it while others saying that it is perfectly in order. Please advise.

A372 : Any woman who gets married to one's father is forbidden for that person to marry, whether her marriage to his father ends up in divorce or is terminated by his father's death. The prohibition on the marriage of a Muslim with his stepmother is permanent. Allah says in the Qur'an: "Do not marry women whom your fathers have previously married - although what is passed is passed. Indeed, this is a shameful deed, and a harmful thing, and an evil way." (4:22). A stepmother is related to a person by the fact that she gets married to his father. That is sufficient to make her forbidden for him to marry after her marriage to his father is terminated. However, her relatives are not related to him in any way. Therefore, it is perfectly permissible for a Muslim to marry his stepmother's sister or daughter [who is not by your father] or any other relative of hers. [When we talk of a stepmother, we exclude any person who is your aunt prior to her marrying your father.] If you wish to know the women a Muslim is not allowed to marry, you need only refer to Verses 22-24 of Surah 4, entitled "Women". Apart from these, you are not allowed to marry women who are in the same relationship to you as this list, if this relationship is created by your being breast-fed by a woman other than your mother. You may not marry that woman because she is your mother through breast feeding, and similarly her daughters and sisters are your sisters and aunts respectively. You need to extend this relationship to other women and you have a full list of those you may not marry because they relate to you through breast feeding. In addition, a Muslim may not marry a woman whom he had [permanently] divorced three times unless she gets married to someone else in the normal way and her marriage is subsequently terminated by her husband's death or her being divorced in a perfectly normal way.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )