Animal for sacrifice, accidental death

Q37 :Last year, I intended to sacrifice a sheep on the Eid day. However, after buying the sheep, it got electrocuted through coming in contact with a live electric wire and was killed within two minutes. Do I have to sacrifice another sheep in place of it?

A37 : A sacrifice on Eid day is strongly recommended. When we do the sacrifice and give some of its meat to poor people and make presents of some of it to relatives and friends, retaining a portion to ourselves, we earn reward from Allah. The Prophet says: "Actions are but intentions," which means that when you intend to do something good, you are rewarded for your intentions. When you carry it out, your reward is increased. Now you intended to make the sacrifice and bought the sheep and brought it home, ready to make the sacrifice when it falls due. The fact that it was killed makes its meat forbidden to eat and you cannot sacrifice it. However, Allah rewards you for your intention and for the money you have spent. It is not necessary to buy another sheep, since the occasion has lapsed and it is, in the first place, a recommendation - not an obligation. However, if you had bought and sacrificed another sheep, you would have earned greater reward from Allah. When you did not, it was perfectly in order. Now it is better that you wait till next Eid, when you do another sacrifice, if you so wish.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )