Marraige: Remarriage upon a Christian couple becoming Muslim

Q367 :If a Christian couple become Muslim, do they have to be married anew under Islamic law?

A367 : At the time of Prophet, people embraced Islam either as individuals or as married couples. The Prophet never asked anyone of them to have a fresh marriage contract, even when there was a gap of time between their embracing Islam. In other words, even when a man or a woman became a Muslim and his or her marriage partner had not, the marriage was left in abeyance. When the partner became Muslim, he or she was united with his or her spouse with a new marriage contract. Therefore, if a married couple who do not belong to any faith become Muslims, their marriage is considered valid from the Islamic point of view, unless the marriage itself cannot be sanctioned by Islam. This proviso applies in the case of the marriage of brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces,.etc. which may be acceptable in certain societies. In such cases, the marriage is nullified. If only one spouse becomes a Muslim, the marriage is considered to be suspended for the duration of a waiting period. If the other becomes a Muslim in that period, the marriage is considered to be still in force. If the waiting period lapses, then the marriage is nullified if it is the woman who has become a Muslim, or if the man becomes a Muslim and the wife belongs to any religion other than Christianity or Judaism.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )