Q36 :How far is anger forbidden? Is there any method to overcome anger?

A36 : Being angry is a condition which cannot be described as permissible or forbidden. Prohibition applies to actions which a person may do of his own free will. Anger is a reaction to some sort of an event which is particularly displeasing to a person. However, anger tends to cloud one's vision. It causes a person to do things that he may not choose to do in normal circumstances. Therefore, one should try as much as possible to cool one's temper, and not allow his anger to get the better of him. The Prophet has spoken about the need to control anger. He says: "Strength is not the physical ability of a person to overcome others, but strength is to control one's anger." It is mostly through common sense that a person can resist acting in anger. If he is made angry in a particular situation, it helps if he walks away from it and stays away until his temper has cooled down. [It is recommended to drink some water or perform ablution. It helps to cool down.] It is also a very good advice to refrain from doing anything when angry. One should neither say nor do anything while angry. Even if he is angered by the behavior of a person over whom he has full authority, it is better for him not to react in anger. Let him first of all cool down, then he can deal with the situation in a sensible manner. That is straightforward wisdom.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )