Marriage: Marrying a divorcee

Q355 :Could you please explain what is necessary when marrying a divorced woman. If I want to keep this marriage a secret from my parents, would it be permissible?

A355 : Marrying a divorced woman is effected in the same way as all other marriages. You must make sure, however, that the woman has actually been divorced by her husband and that she has completed her waiting period. The waiting period of a divorcee lasts until she has completed three periods of menstruation or three periods of cleanliness from menstruation. If she is too young or too old to have the period, then she waits for three months. If she is pregnant at the time of divorce, her waiting period lasts until she has delivered or the pregnancy is terminated. The marriage contract consist of a commitment by the woman's parents or guardian and acceptance by the man. This must be done in the presence of two witnesses. A dower is payable to the woman by her husband. The amount is agreed between the two of them and the money becomes the property of the wife. She has sole discretion over its use, since it is hers. It is strongly recommended that after the marriage takes place, the husband invites relatives and neighbors to a meal. This serves as part of the publicity which is essential in marriage. When we say that publicity is essential, the first to know normally are the families of the two marriage partners. Hence, keeping the marriage secret from your own parents is unbecoming. If you feel that telling your parents about your impending marriage would create unnecessary problems, it is permissible to hold the news for sometime. However, in fairness to your wife and your parents, you should try to normalize your relations as soon as possible by taking your parents into confidence and telling them about your marriage.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )