Man: Is man the noblest creature?

Q340 :We are called the noblest of all creatures, but we are the most cruel creatures on earth and we indulge in ruthless criminal activities. Indeed, the atrocities committed by man are worse than anything any animal can do. In what respect, then, are we the best creatures?

A340 : Not every human being can be included among the best of creation. Allah says in the Qur'an: "We brought him down to the lowest of the low, except for those who believe and do righteous deeds." (95; 4-6) These verses make it clear that human beings can rise to the highest level a creature can attain, but can also sink to the lowest depth. What determines man's elevation or fall is his response to Allah's message and his implementation of the divine law. Yet when you look at man, you find that he has been given a noble status and a high prospect. Allah has distinguished him with the intellect. He has given him freedom of choice. He took care of him so that he is not abandoned to his own devices. Allah has sent him messengers to show him the way to the fulfillment of his potentials and the achievement of the highest level of humanity. The messengers explained divine guidance to mankind and provided a practical code of living which has been given its complete and perfect form in the message of Islam. Therefore, when human beings implement Islam, they reach their highest level. When they abandon Allah's guidance, they sink into the depth of ignorance in which Satan tries hard to keep them. This means in effect that when a human being employs his reason to reflect and then, on reflection, he adopts the divine faith and with his own free will tries to implement the divine code of living, he certainly attains the most noble level any creature can achieve. When he chooses the opposite way, he sinks down to the level of pagan evil. There are different grades in between these two extremes. Human beings can choose any of these grades. In short there is no divine right which gives man a highest noble status. Man can achieve that only through diligent work in the implementation of Allah's law.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )