Making things too difficult

Q339 :May I ask how did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wear his beard and mustaches? Was it U or V shape? Or did it cover only his chin? Is there any minimum or maximum limit to the length of a beard?

A339 : May I begin by reminding you of what Allah tells us in the Qur'an about the Children of Israel and the sort of questions they put to him through Prophet Moses. Allah had commanded them to slaughter a cow. Had they treated that command with the seriousness it deserves and immediately slaughtered any cow, they would have fulfilled their duty. They, however, put to him so many questions about what sort of cow they should slaughter, what color, how fit and what work it did, etc. The result of their questioning was the limiting of their choice, time after time, until, when they realized that they had a full description, they discovered that there was only one cow in the whole community which answered that description. Its owner, a pious and God-fearing man whom Allah wanted to benefit by this situation, demanded a very high price for the cow and they had to pay it. The Prophet's comments: "The Children of Israel made things difficult, so Allah made it more difficult for them." We say that Muslim men should wear a beard, because the Prophet has given instructions to that effect. Many scholars maintain that this is a duty, while others say that it is a Sunnah. Whichever ruling we take, it relates to wearing a beard. At no time did the Prophet say that it should be a U or V-shaped, or indeed any other. Why should we make things difficult for ourselves; when He wants our faith to be easy to implement. Besides, if your face is of the long type, you cannot make your beard in U-shape.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )