Loving one's children: The right way

Q337 :I have deep and profound love for my wife and children. I always remember them. Does this mean that my love for them exceeds my love of God? What is your verdict?

A337 : I do not know. How can I tell? It is only you who can answer this question. It is only natural that a human being should love his children and try to protect them from any harm. Moreover, God has planted in our hearts a certain type of affection and compassion toward our wives. When a man leads a happy life with his wife, the relationship between them becomes strong and deeply rooted. If he has kind and dutiful children, love to them is so much enhanced. Again, it is natural for a human being to be always thinking of his family, to care for his wife and children, to try and bring them up as best as he can. On the other hand, a believer loves God and manifests his gratitude to Him through obedience. It is a different type of love altogether. We cannot love God in the same way as we love our children and spouses. But it is relevant to ask which love is stronger and more deeply rooted. To answer this question, one has to look into his own heart. He should ask himself: Would he deliberately disobey God, knowing that whatever he is embarking on constitutes disobedience to Him, for the sake of his wife or children? If so, then at that particular moment, his love of God takes second position to his love of his wife or children. If there is conflict between the two types of love, only the person concerned can answer a question like this and decide whether his love of his wife and children is stronger than his love of God or the reverse is true.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )