Licking fingers after a meal

Q327 :It is said that the Prophet used to lick his fingers after eating and he has recommended his followers to do so. Is it true that this prevents intestine trouble?

A327 : It is true that the Prophet used to lick his fingers after he finished his meal, and he used to wipe the plate clean, using his fingers to lick out what remains in the plate. This he did by way of showing gratitude to Allah for His grace in providing food. His action was also meant to teach us that part of being grateful to Allah is to take care of what He was provided. We should not throw away or waste any small portion of food. The Prophet's action does not have any medical connotation. It is not true that if you lick your fingers after a meal, you do not get intestine trouble. If the germs which cause such a complaint are present in your food, then you will get it, whether you lick your fingers or not. [People who have food which they no longer need or require should give it away to those who are in need of it. They should not throw it in the dustbin. That is the least they could do by way of thanking Allah for His grace and giving them abundance.]

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )