Allah's will: Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

Q32 :As I understand it, everything [that] takes place in the world comes from Allah. Does this apply to events such as one country invading and occupying the other?

A32 : When we say that everything comes from Allah, we mean two things: Allah knows of it before it takes place and it happens according to the laws of nature Allah has set in operation. Our actions, however, are done by us. Hence, we are accountable for what we do. We cannot put the blame on Allah for our wrong actions. It is we who take such action and we are responsible for them. Allah, however, has created us and He created the world in which we live and has given us our minds to think, reflect and decide what actions to take. He has told us that stabbing a person with a knife close to his heart or in his abdomen may result in his death. Therefore, if a person stabs another and kills him, he may face the capital punishment for the murder he has committed. He cannot defend himself by saying that this has come from Allah. Allah has made the law which causes the death of a person when he is stabbed in these areas. But the stabbing was an action taken freely by the person who has committed it. Hence, he is accountable for it. The same applies to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. The Iraqi ruler took his decision when he was conscious of its effects. He is, accountable for it. We cannot condone his actions as something that has come from Allah. It is his own doing.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )