Lactating wife and a sucking husband

Q319 :What happens if a husband sucks the breast of his lactating wife and swallows some drops of her milk?

A319 : As you are well aware, breast-feeding is a cause which prevents marriages between the child who is breast-fed and the family of the woman who has breast-fed him, if she is not his own mother. There are, however, certain conditions for this rule to operate. The first is that the child should have at least five full feeds. The second is that the breast-feeding should occur when the child is less than two years of age. Anything that occurs after the child has reached his or her second birthday is of no consequence. When a child is breast-fed by a woman other than his mother, at least five full feeds, he or she is treated for marriage purposes as her own child.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )