Jinn (the)

Q310 :What is the meaning of the word jinn and where are jinn to be found? In what ways are they different from us? Also please speak about the spirit, good and evil. Some people suggest that jinns sometimes attack the Muslims that turn their backs on their faith. Please comment.

A310 : Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He has created a different type of creature from us whom we cannot see, in the same way as we cannot see the angels or sound waves or the electric current. We are required to believe in what Allah has mentioned about them in the Qur'an, such as the fact that they were created before us and that they were made out of fire. It does not follow that they remain in the shape of fire, because we ourselves have been created originally from clay. They do see us in this world. They will also face the reckoning on the day of judgment and will either be rewarded with heaven or punished in hell. They are required to believe in the message of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as they are required to believe in the message of Prophet Moses. However, some of them do respond and believe while many do not. The disbelievers among the jinn are the devils, or shaitans. They are man's worst enemy because it was shaitan who worked hard to cause man to be thrown out of heaven. Shaitan or Satan cannot do to man anything worse than trying to persuade him to abandon the path which draws him nearer to Allah and to indulge in sin. Many people ask me about the spirit and I prefer not to answer any question on that because Allah instructs the Prophet in Qur'an to say: "Knowledge of the true nature of the spirit belongs to My Lord." If Muslims turn away from their faith, they incur Allah's anger and make themselves open to His punishment. This may take any shape or form Allah chooses. Allah can call on any of His creatures to carry out His orders. When He wants to punish any of His creatures, He may employ any agent for inflicting it. Allah may punish those who challenge His authority with floods, storms, volcanoes, catastrophes of every variety or He may allow any nation to subdue them. Whether He employs the jinn or not is a matter open to Him. Having said that, I should add that in the normal situation, the jinn live their lives separate from human lives. If Allah wishes the two lives to interact, He can accomplish that. However, we have not heard of any community which was attacked by jinn on a large scale.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )