Allah's will and man's doing

Q31 :Allah's will and man's doing

A31 : Allah has committed Himself to grant victory to those who support His cause and fight to defend His faith. But this is conditional on certain things: that the whole concept of faith must be deeply entrenched in their hearts, that the practical implications of faith must manifest themselves in their organization and behaviour and that they must equip themselves with all the means to achieve victory and exert their maximum effort. This is the law of nature which Allah has set in operation and which gives favour to no one. When the believers fall short of meeting any of these conditions, they have to accept the consequences. The fact that they are Muslims does not mean that the laws of nature should be suspended or abrogated for their sake. Everything in this world takes place in accordance with Allah's will and His predestination, and serves His overall purpose. Man's thoughts, movement, action and will are part of Allah's law, which He uses in order to accomplish whatever He wishes. Nothing of man's thoughts, movement, action or will lies outside of, or in confrontation with, the law and rules of nature.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )