Jews: Rejection of the Jews or the Jewish

Q307 :Someone told me that billiards is a Jewish game and Muslims should not play it. Please comment.

A307 : It is the first time I hear that billiards is a Jewish game. Even if it is, there is no harm in playing it. That applies to everything people may invent or make. Unless something is intended to undermine Islam, or ridicule it, or reflect badly on Muslims or their faith, and unless it is meant to glorify something that is contrary to Islamic teachings, there is no harm in making use of it. Nothing of this applies to the game of billiards. Perhaps you should reflect a little on your question. You must not forget that Islam is a universal message which addresses all mankind. As such, it has something to say to every human being. Therefore, it does not hold anyone in disregard unless that person chooses to take a hostile attitude to Islam. If you combine this with the fact that it is permissible for Muslims to marry Jewish women, you will appreciate that we do not reject anything simply for being Jewish. We do not take a hostile attitude towards any person, race or faith unless they begin by taking hostile attitude towards us or towards our faith. Perhaps I should add that to brand any activity as being Jewish is wrong in the first place.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )