Inheritance: When there is no son

Q279 :A man died leaving behind his wife, five daughters, and one brother who has two sons. How will his property be divided among them?

A279 : The first thing to be paid out of the estate of the deceased is the settlement of any debts he might have left unpaid. Secondly, his will should be executed. A Muslim may leave up to one third of his property to people other than his heirs by will. He may apportion certain parts of his property to any relatives who are not assigned shares of his inheritance according to the Islamic system. He may also wish to give away something for charity. When this man's debts are paid and his will is executed, the remainder is divided among his heirs as follows: one eighth to his wife and two thirds to be divided equally among his five daughters. The remainder goes to his brother. In this particular case it comes to just over one fifth. His two nephews receive nothing.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )