Inheritance: Of a woman's property

Q276 :How is a deceased woman's property divided among her heirs, if she has left behind her husband, children, brothers and sisters as well as her parents?

A276 : Each one of the deceased woman's parents receives one sixth of her property. Her husband inherits one quarter, since she has children, whether by him or through an earlier marriage. The remainder of her property goes to her children and it is distributed between them on the basis of equal shares [i.e. equal shares are made for convenience of disbursement]. Every daughter inherits one share while every son inherits two shares. It should be pointed out that such a division can only take place after the payment of any debt which she may not have paid and the execution of any will which she might have left. It should be pointed out that a Muslim may bequeath by will up to one third of his property. No one of his heirs may be left anything by will. The rest must be divided among his or her heirs.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )