Imams: the Four Imams

Q271 :Imams: the Four Imams

A271 : In chronological order, –Imam Malik ibn Anas lived in Madinah most of his life. His grandfather was a companion of the Prophet. –Imam Abu Hanifah was called Al-Nu'man ibn Thabit. He was of Persian origin, but lived in Iraq. –Imam El-Shaf'ie was born in Ghaza and traveled when still a young boy to Madinah where he studied under Imam Malik. He also traveled to Iraq where he met the leading scholars of the Hanafi school of though such as Imam Abu Yousuf. He then traveled to Egypt where he spent the last five years of his life. –The Hanbali school of thought was founded by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, who lived mostly in Baghdad. He was a close friend of Imam El Shaf'ie. Both learned from each other, although Imam Ahmad, the younger scholar, was keen to maintain this close relationship which lasted until El-Shaf'ie left Baghdad for Egypt.

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