Illegitimate child

Q269 :If a couple begets a child illegitimately, what is to be done?

A269 : In a state in which Islamic law is applied, the pregnancy of an unmarried woman is an undeniable evidence of adultery [unless a case of rape has earlier been reported by the woman] which is punishable in Islam. The punishment is the same for both man and woman. No blame is attached to the child as the result of his parents' sin. Any person who is guilty of fornication or adultery should repent his or her sin and pray to Allah to forgive him or her. An order that applies to all sins is that the perpetrator should not publicize his action. This also applies in this case. If an adulterer confesses to his guilt or if four witnesses testify to having seen him doing it, the punishment described by Islam is enforceable. However, if the couple get married when the pregnancy becomes evident, and try to keep their affair secret, they do well, especially if they repent having committed this sin. They may hope to be forgiven by Allah. If the father admits that the child is his own, his admission is accepted and he is not questioned with regard to the time of pregnancy and whether it was a legitimate one or not.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )