Ihraam: Covering of head

Q267 :Last year I went to pilgrimage. During Ihraam, I unintentionally covered my head for a few moments on two separate occasions. I am told that I need to sacrifice a sheep in compensation. Is this true?

A267 : It is one of the conditions of Ihraam for a man not to cover his head. If one covers his head for long period during Ihraam, then he has violated its conditions and, as such, he is required to compensate by slaughtering a sheep. But if this happens unintentionally for a brief period, a few minutes or so, this can be considered as a minor error. For such errors, the compensation takes the form of sadaqa or a charitable contribution. If you do not find someone who is really poor in the pilgrimage area, then you need not give it to a beggar, you need only to pray Allah to forgive your error.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )