Hunting birds and their slaughtering

Q262 :Is it permissible to hunt pigeons to eat? Which birds are forbidden to eat? What if the bird dies as a result of the shot and before the hunter is able to slaughter it?

A262 : It is perfectly permissible to hunt and shoot birds to eat. There is no restriction except that we do not do that when we are in the state of consecration, i.e. ihram, when we go for pilgrimage or Umrah. Nor do we hunt within the Haram area, which surrounds the Kaaba. Birds of pray, generally, are forbidden for us to eat. Otherwise all birds are permissible to eat. You slaughter it if you catch it alive in order to relieve its pain. Your shot might have injured the bird and incapacitated it from flying, but it could live with that injury for a long time. Rather than do that, it is more merciful to slaughter it. If it dies as a result of the shot, it is still permissible to eat.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )