Allah's 99 names

Q26 :I read in a note posted in a mosque that the person who memorizes Allah's 99 names is certain to go to heaven. I am always repeating those 99 names after Fajr and evening prayers. [Please comment].

A26 : Most of Allah's 99 names denote His attributes. Thus, a name like Al-Khaliq denotes the attribute of creation which belongs to Allah, since Al-Khaliq means, "the Creator". Al-Raziq on the other hand, denotes the attribute of providing sustenance to his creation, since Al-Raziq means, "the Provider". The same applies to Allah's other names. Hence, knowing them all helps us formulate a clear concept of Allah and His essential attributes. This is important for a Muslim to have. Moreover, it helps him adopt the right attitude when he is faced with a problem or a difficult situation. Say, for example, a person finds himself in a situation where he is in bad need of even a small amount of food, as in the case of refugees who flee from their homes as a result of war or famine. A refugee who is well aware of Allah's attributes realizes that it is Allah who provides sustenance for all His creatures. Hence, he turns to Him for help and prays Him to provide him with such sustenance. Having said that, I should add that there is no great virtue in repeating Allah's attributes like a parrot. Islam tries to make its followers fully aware of their position and responsibilities. This is not done through the memorization of the verses of the Qur'an or Allah's names, but through acting on them. Hence, it is a great virtue to be aware of Allah's attributes, but that virtue is not obtained through repeating His attributes like a parrot.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )