Hadiths: Their authenticity

Q248 :When I read Hadiths in some of the six compilations of authentic Hadiths, I have strong doubts about the authenticity of some Hadiths included in them. How is it that inauthentic Hadiths were included in these books?

A248 : Those great scholars who compiled the six books of authentic Hadiths spared no effort in making their selections complete. You must not forget that they were human beings and, as such, liable to error. It is true that a few entries in each compilation remain less authentic than the rest, but we have to assume that an eminent scholar such as Al-Tirmithi or Abu Dawood must have concluded that they were authentic. If he was mistaken in that, this mistake does not detract from the value of his work. Moreover, each of these scholars set himself certain rules and criteria which he applied to each Hadith in order to determine its authenticity. The rules and criteria set by Imam Al-Bukhari were much stricter than those set by others. Hence, you find some entries in their collections, which are not as authentic as those included in the Sahih of Al-Bukhari or Muslim. Indeed, you have such a classification of Hadiths as "Authentic according to the conditions and criteria set by Al-Tirmithi, or Abu Dawood." Such Hadiths should be considered authentic, unless there is reason to classify them otherwise.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )