Hadiths: Revelations or intuitions

Q247 :If Hadith is not revelation, can it be termed as "lofty intuition"?

A247 : Hadith is much more than what can be described as 'lofty intuition'. Everything that the Prophet has taught us of our religion has been revealed to him. The Qur'an is revealed in meaning and in word and every Muslim believes that every single word in the Qur'an is Allah's own word. A sacred or Qudsi Hadith is the one which the Prophet attributes to Allah Himself, by stating something to this effect: "Allah, the Most Sublime, says…". There is no doubt that such sacred Hadiths have been revealed to the Prophet in meaning. Many scholars say that they are also revealed by Allah in word. However, the difference between them and the Qur'an is that they have been conveyed to us through a chain of single narrators, rather than chains of numerous narrators at every stage, which is the mark of the Qur'an. Unlike the Qur'an, a sacred Hadith may not be recited in prayer, nor is its recitation an aspect of worship. Ordinary Hadith is the word of the Prophet, although in meaning it is revealed. The Prophet has not given us anything concerning our religion of his own accord. Everything that relates to our faith has been revealed by Allah. However, such revelations are put in Hadith in the Prophet's own words. We cannot say that it is the word of Allah. Statements are attributed to their authors who shape and express them the way they like. In short, the meaning of Hadith is revelation, but its wording we attribute to the Prophet.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )